First Night in Japan!

After over 22 hours of traveling (and no sleep), I was exhausted by the time we finally arrived at our new apartment in Kichijoji, so my initial observations of Japan are, admittedly, limited:

1) Previously, I’ve only heard Don speak in Japanese to teach me a word or phrase, or to more accurately translate movies we watch when the subtitles are widely off the mark from what’s actually being said.  On our taxi ride from the bus station to our apartment, he conversed easily with the driver throughout the ride, and I realized that he is way more fluent in Japanese than he modestly lets on, and that it is pretty hot to witness!  (By the way, I promise no more of that gooey-ness in this blog.  I know no one wants to read that stuff, especially not my mom, who is probably the only person actually reading this!)

2) One of the things I was eager to see in Japan are the famed fancy toilets – and believe it or not, they’re even crazier than I imagined.  My first encounter was in the bathroom in Narita airport, where, once inside the ladies’ room, there were signs on each individual stall indicating what kind of toilet it was: standard, western-style toilet; the squat-over-a-hole-in-the-floor kind of toilets I’ve first experienced in Italy; or fancy bidet-style toilet for which Japan is known.

Intimidated, I went for the western-style one to which I am accustomed.

But even our apartment has such a high-tech toilet that, despite our exhaustion and my inability to concentrate on anything that first night in Tokyo, I needed Don to translate the toilet for me.  So yes, my first photo in my blog about my adventures in Japan is of our very own toilet and it includes a regular bidet, a “girl” bidet, deodorizer, and a whole host of knobs about which I have no clue.  The flush handle (not pictured) also has a few options Don needed to translate for me.

Just wait until I tell you about the shower!


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