D2: 7-11

On our second day, we stopped by 7-11 (conveniently located right next door!) to pick up some items to make dinner at home.  Don warned me that 7-11 in Japan is a fascinating experience, and he did not exaggerate.  Here are just a few of the gems:

Lots of alcohol
Potato alcohol by the carton and jug
California wines
7-11 branded California varietals

Shochu, an alcohol made from potatoes, by the 4-liter bottle.

California cabs and chardonnay, on a 7-11 label.  Yay, California wines in Japan…but no wonder people don’t give CA wines enough respect, if this is what we export!

Creap instant coffee
Instant coffee for creepers
Sandwich meat
Sandwich meats

Lots of instant coffee, including “Creap”?

Meat-based instant sandwiches (including a “juicy dog,” a “juicy croquette,” a slice of pizza with what looks like ham and corn, and some other burger-like thing), none of which are refrigerated.

And finally, as you likely know, Japan is (in?)famous for its porn.  I thought I’d found some in our local 7-11, but nope, not porn, despite this cover:

Manga cover with a woman
Not porn

It’s just a typical manga (comic book) – it’s not even pornographic manga.

And this one?  Still not porn, even though the woman in the lower left corner is touching her nipples provocatively.

Another racy manga cover
Still not porn!

Never fear, we noticed plenty of actual manga porn available in the browsing comics section at our local internet cafe.  I guess our neighborhood is just as much a sexuality studies professor’s heaven as it is a religious studies one, hunh?


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