D3: Home improvements

The night of our first full day in Tokyo, we forced ourselves to stay up until an early-but-reasonable bedtime (we referred to it as our Firpo-bedtime) to keep to a non-jet-lag schedule, but as soon as the clock struck 10, we hit the tatami-and-futons.

And just as we’d settled in under the covers, the ground below us began to shake.

Devin: “What’s happening?”

Don: “It’s an earthquake.  Welcome to Tokyo.”

Long pause.

Devin: “Is the ground still shaking, or am I making that up?”

Don: “No, I think it’s still shaking.”

Long pause.

Devin: “So, can we at least secure the [giant wardrobe and dresser set lining the bedroom walls, very un-earthquake-proof and certain to crush us literally to death were they ever to fall on us in an earthquake – usually, tatami bedrooms do not have furniture in them.]?”

Don: “I was just thinking that.”

And so, on our third day, we began our second home improvement project – rearranging all the massive furniture.

(The first project was on the second day: to fix all the screen doors that had blown off during the typhoon on our first day).


BEFORE: What? This room is NOT earthquake-proof!
Not earthquake proof
BEFORE: Don holding up the "T" for Tokyo







AFTER: our futon bed, and all that extra space, after the room has been safely earthquake-proofed.
Living room - after
AFTER: Don can now play Angry Birds happily, safe in the knowledge that we won't be crushed to death in our sleep.

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