D5: Don’s recycled retail heaven

I felt this deserved its own post:

As we left Fall Day at Inokashira Park, we exited onto a tiny street teeming with little shops and eateries.  Several of these shops were second hand clothing stores.

(A little background: the youth of Japan, and Tokyo in particular, are world famous for trend setting – apparently what’s being worn on the streets of Shibuya today will be fashionable around the world in a few months or years.  But these trend-setters are apparently fickle, and the must-have clothes of today are very quickly cast aside in favor of even newer and hotter items.  So the second hand clothing shops in Japan are pretty fabulous themselves, often having items from “last season’s catwalks,” according to my trusty guidebook, at least.)

So we walked into a Rag Tag recycled clothing (as it is referred to in Japan) store, and Don was in recycled retail heaven: the clothes here are all from top end style-y designers: we found items from Band of Outsiders, Engineered Garments, Jil Sander (not to mention Burberry, etc. as well) – the list goes on, but alas, I am not fashionable enough to keep these names in my head.  Sorry.

So here’s a picture of Don, looking at some designer or other that he loves:

Don shopping
Don shopping at Rag Tag

(Also, while I’m on this topic, a note to the teenage girls of Tokyo:

Please kill the shorty-shorts and shorty-skirts trends.  Not all of us have the bodies of teenage girls, and really, wasn’t the skinny jeans thing – and their evil spawn, jeggings and pajama jeans* – cruel enough to foist on the world? PS If you do me this solid, I promise to embrace over-the-knee socks in return.)

*I added the clarification so as not to offend those of you who look good rocking the skinny jeans, and seem to love them.  I’m talking to you, DCNC & DDub.


2 thoughts on “D5: Don’s recycled retail heaven

  1. I love your blog! You are now my favorite travel writer, replacing Rick Steve! Seriously, this might be exactly what you are supposed to be doing for a big chunk of your life. I can’t wait to read more. Thank you for sharing this with us!

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