D5: Mosburger & Fall Day

On Saturday, we went to Mosburger, a sort of copy-cat McDonalds (before McDonalds was in Japan – now there’s plenty of both, as well as Freshness Burger, Natural Burger, and a few other burger chains), but with some more-Japanese-style options.  Mosburger actually had a pretty good vegetarian option: a kinpura rice burger (kinpura salad on rice patties) – much better tasting than it sounds.  And I’ve learned I really like  kinpura.

Eating at Mosburger
Enjoying my Kinpura burger on rice patty
kinpura burger
Close up of the kinpura burger

After Mosburger, we wandered around a part of Kichijoji we hadn’t yet explored.  We were in search of taiyaki for Don, and though we didn’t find any, we did find a good  grocery store – mostly Japanese, but their off brand is UK-based Tesco, oddly enough.  Here my love affair with chocolate chip melon bread began – and I think I’ve had some every day since. I plan to continue this streak as long as I can.

Friday was also a national holiday: Fall Day – a national holiday celebrating the autumn equinox. Our local park, Inokashira, had activities on Saturday and was filled to the brim with people – I’ve not seen it this crowded before or since (to be fair, we’ve only been here about a week.  And I am most frequently in the park in the early-ish mornings, running. So maybe not a high-traffic time). We saw several street performers, artists working in the park (and selling their goods), and more people than I thought even lived in Kichijoji out enjoying the beautiful post-typhoon weekend.

Inokashira Park
Inokashira Park
Balloon Donald Duck
Donald Duck made of balloons - I took this photo for Liam

Not knowing the festival would be going on, Don and I had wandered to the park thinking this might be a good sunny afternoon to rent a swan boat.  All the boats – swan, paddle & row – were rented and the lake was crammed with them.

Swan boats on the lake
Swan boats on the lake
Don on the lake
Don on the lake

The park houses both a Shinto shrine and a Buddhist temple, and both were teeming with people this day.

Buddhist temple in the park
Buddhist temple in the park

(You’ll see more photos of all of this as the blog goes on – I love this park and one day will have my camera on a sunny day!)


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