Day One: Dog-wiz…and David Boreanaz?

Cute puppy

There seem to be pet stores everywhere in Japan, especially on the top floor of department stores (is this part of the obsession with “kawaii,” or “cute” things?).

Our first day, we took refuge from the typhoon by stopping in, well, pretty much every store we passed so we could get out of the wind and rain, which meant stopping in several pet stores.  One was on the roof of the department store, and the pets were kept in a rather make-shift area sheltered from the storm with only a cloth awning.  The puppies and kittens were clearly distressed, and we were tempted to spend the night so we could play with them and distract them from the storm.

Some of the pet stores have unfortunate names, as the photo below shows:

Dog-Wiz sign
Lost in Translation?

And for some reason, this little guy reminds me of David Boreanaz (and I mean that as a compliment to both of them!)

Maybe more Angel than Booth, but still….do you see it?

David Boreanaz?

Julie G. wisely suggested I add this photo of David Boreanaz, so those of you not familiar with him know what I’m talking about.

But seriously, if you’re not familiar with him, I *highly* recommend watching Buffy…and Bones!

David Boreanaz
David Boreanaz

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