D11: Welcome Helen & Marshmellow Pancakes

First, a big congratulations to Jen, Stockton & new big brother Walton, and a warm welcome-to-the-world to Helen Marshall B., born Thursday 29 September! Can’t wait to meet her.

Second, Don made pancakes this morning and they were amazing – and very marshmallow-y.  They started as what seems to be a typical Japanese brand batter-mix-in-the-box (but I want to give due credit to the chef here, too – as some of you learned the hard way, even with a just-add-water mix, a waffle iron and/or a crepe maker, I still can’t make a pancake, waffle or crepe to save my life, so even the box kinds require skill!) and we’re not sure what makes them so marshmallow-y, but they are these big, fluffy things that taste incredible, and the hint of marshmallow seems to make them even better.

As a vegetarian, I technically can’t eat marshmallows (gelatin), but things like Marhsmallow Fluff do not contain gelatin and thus are veg, so this could be totally legit for me. Yet at times like this, I’m grateful not to be able to read the Japanese on the packaging.

And there are few things better than coming back from a run to the smell of pancakes cooking….

[Clearly this entry was an excuse to welcome Helen, marvel at Japanese pancakes…and try to con Don into making breakfast every morning.]


3 thoughts on “D11: Welcome Helen & Marshmellow Pancakes

  1. Im just catching up on your blog- reading backwards- as in newest posts first (typing with one hand as Helen is on the other). You are too cute!! thank you. And how appropriate that in the same post as MARSHMALLOWS- my favorite.
    xoxo Jen and Helen

    1. I figured you might be a little busy this week, what with the giving birth and now taking care of a newborn and all – I can’t believe you’re finding any time at all to read this! I’m glad you and Helen approve of the marshmallow connection! Hope you’re well – and getting some sleep!

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