D11: Acuma!

This was supposed to be a “Yay! We’re in Japan!” present for Don, but it turned into a combination of that and an early-happy-birthday present (Don’s birthday is Tuesday!) since this took me so much longer to finish than I anticipated when I started.  More than a month ago.  (To be fair, that is mostly because I’ve only had time to work on it a little at a time and only periodically.)

But on Friday, I finally finished this little mini Acuma, modeled after Don’s actual cat Acuma, who had to stay behind in San Luis Obispo because she doesn’t particularly enjoy traveling.  So she is being taken care of by Reggie, Reggie’s mom and Baby Michael, and on the weekends by Jane (whom I swear is a cat-whisperer), and we are very grateful for the care they give her!  But still, Don misses Acuma (even I miss Acuma, and she’s not even my pet).

So, here is a poor substitute: mini-Acs!

And here are some photos of the real Acuma, back in San Luis Obispo.  Incidentally, Acuma’s name comes from a Japanese term (Don will have to tell you what), but I will tell you this much: it is *not* on the list of approved names from the Japanese government that one may name one’s child.

Acuma on the balconey
Real Acuma, on Don's balcony in SLO with Bishop's Peak in the background
Acuma at home
Real Acuma

6 thoughts on “D11: Acuma!

  1. Oh my gosh too cute!!! Did you use a pattern? I want 50 of those. Your Acuma is definitely the Slim Fast version of the real deal though. 🙂

    Looks like you guys are having a blast. I experienced culture shock by proxy from your intersection video!

    1. Thank you, Kate! I couldn’t find a pattern, but I saw a photo of a cute little amigurumi cat that looked somewhat similar, and sort of figured it out (and adapted it to make it look like a tuxedo cat with Acuma’s markings) from there. Acuma has lost weight in recent years, but yes, this is perhaps a more lithe version of her!

  2. Ok, wait…in a land of vending machines that dispense used panties, why are you only posting pics of stuffed animals, ducks, and other rated-G stuff?? Let’s see the nasty stuff. (C’mon, you were all thinking it too…)

    1. Hi Pat,

      First, we haven’t seen used panties in a vending machine…though we have seen them in a shop (I’ll send you the photo).
      Second, that’s really the only nasty stuff we’ve seen so far.
      But I promise to keep you posted, okay? I wouldn’t want to leave you out of the loop on something this culturally relevant and important, of course.

      1. Pat,

        I stand humbly corrected – this very evening, just hours after making the above reply, we were walking around Shinjuku and passed a sex themed shop with vending machines out front. I suggested we check to see (you know, on your behalf of course) and not only could you get used panties, but that was the most innocuous of the items available for a couple 100 yen coins….

        We did take photos for you. Maybe I’ll post them!

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