The Naughty Bits (SFW, don’t worry!)

Those of you following the comments on, oddly enough, the Acuma posting, have seen Pat’s calls for posts on some of the, shall we say, “seedier” sides of Tokyo.  And of course, as a professor of gender studies and sexuality studies, I do find these topics fascinating.

But I fear not all of you, dear readers, share that same interest.  And for those of you who subscribe to this blog (all three of you!  Thank you!), I know you get an email with the body of each post, photos and all, every time I post something.  And any of you reading this on an iPad get a very image-heavy, magazine-style interface.  And I would hate to create any awkward moments at work, in public, on a daily commute, etc.

So I have what I hope is an acceptable compromise: I will keep any posts with more of the “nasty,” as Pat refers to it, material on a separate blog.  If you are interested, feel free to check it out.  If you’re not, by all means, please don’t.

This new, supplemental blog is called “Tokyo Tidbits: The Naughty Bits” and is available at:

While this post is SFW (safe for work), and this blog will remain the family-friendly (or at least, family-friendly-ish) blog it has been, the content on the supplemental blog may not be (that is, if you don’t have my fabulous job, in which case, it actually can be considered work!). Please be aware of that when viewing the new site.

This new blog REQUIRES AN INVITATION AND PASSWORD to access it – I don’t want anyone accidentally stumbling upon it out of context.

Finally, WordPress’ terms & conditions specifically state that contributors may not post any kind of pornographic material.  Of course, nothing on that site will be pornographic – these are all images readily available and accessible walking down the street in Tokyo, and as such fail to satisfy the application of the Miller test that, by “contemporary community standards…[an item in question] appeals to prurient interest,” (Yep, I know the court rulings on what constitutes pornography – and I know how vague and imprecise they are. Remember, this is my job!).  Plus I think these observations WILL satisfy the SLAPS test (my students always snigger when they learn that one of the main legal factors in determining porn/not-porn is called “the SLAPS test”). Of course, this is assuming US-based WordPress would have to hold me to US legal standards….

Plus, the observations on this new site will be intended to raise philosophical, ethical, and other intellectual questions about what constitutes pornography, censorship and limits (if any) to free expression, corporate rights, cultural differences, blah blah blah….it’ll be a good, fun learning experience.

So, if you’d like to check it out, please email me for the invitation & password.  Or comment below and let me know you’re interested.  Or hit me up on Facebook.  Basically, get in touch with me however you like – but please be sure to let me know your preferred email address for accessing this blog.

And if you’re interested (or even just mildly curious) but are feeling shy/silly/embarrassed about it, please don’t!  Remember, good, fun, learning experience (see arguments above).  Plus, I’m the one doing the posting. You’ve got nothing about which to feel silly!


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