D16: ‘Allo, Yogurt!

Fig and aloe yogurt
Fig and aloe yogurt. And Hello Kitty peeking out from the back.

Today I was working all day, so I bring you a stock photo from our first morning in Japan: our yogurts.

When I travel, I love experiencing the yogurt flavors we don’t get in the US. In Italy and Ireland, I love me some hazelnut yogurt (Yoplait, you are an evil corporation in many ways, but one of the less serious ways is not sharing hazelnut yogurt with Americans).

Our first few days in Japan, we had fig yogurt and aloe yogurt.  The fig was a little light in flavor for me (but the piles of fresh figs I was eating daily from the tree in my California backyard could have spoiled me).  Surprisingly though, I loved the aloe yogurt. I wasn’t expecting that – Erin can tell you how much I hate aloe juice, after all.

So Erin (who can drink aloe juice by the jug), I took these photos for you.

Aloe yogurt
Aloe yogurt: "For beauty body"

My current favorite yogurt flavor is apple.  It’s fantastic!

(PS – tomorrow will be more exciting – we’re off to a Sumo exhibition tournament.)


One thought on “D16: ‘Allo, Yogurt!

  1. I totally know what you mean! yogurt in greece was the best i ever had! If only I came back in 2004 and started a greek yogurt company- I would be a millionaire now!

    id love to try this fig one

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