D18: Happy Sports Day!

Japan’s national holidays are pretty fabulous: since we’ve been here, there’s been Respect for the Elderly Day (well, technically, that was the day we were flying to Japan) and Autumn Equinox Day, other holidays throughout the calendar year include such awesome events as Coming of Age Day (which happens to fall on my mom’s birthday), Greenery Day, Sea Day (!!), the Emperor’s birthday, the Spring Equinox and Culture Day, to name a few.

Today (Monday Oct. 10) was one such holiday: while the US was celebrating (or boycotting) Columbus Day, Japan was celebrating National Sports Day!

As Don and I discovered on a walk this weekend, our little city of Musashino (in which Kichijoji is a neighborhood) turned National Sports Day into a three-day celebration, with all kinds of events happening at the city track, gym & swimming pool.  Though it seemed to be mostly high school and middle school teams, there were a fair number of local adult “civilians” participating in the track and field events.  And there were all kinds of demonstration classes and basketball games going on in the gym.  I was bummed I didn’t know about the city-wide running events in advance, because I’d have loved to participate.

But that’s okay….Don and I already had exciting plans for Sports Day, which I’ll tell you about in the next post.


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