D20: A Matter of Convenience

How did we follow up our National Sports Day archery lesson?

Why, with a convenience store lunch, of course!

It’s not quite as big a juxtaposition as sports day celebration/convenience store lunch would be in the US: in Japan, convenience stores actually have good food. As in, you can actually eat a healthy meal on the cheap at a 7-11 or FamilyMart.  By the time we left our kyudo lesson, I was starving, and seeing as Meguro did not appear to have many restaurant choices, we stopped at FamilyMart for a snack to tide us over until we got to Shibuya….and I ended up picking out so much food we decided we would just make a meal of it.

Convenience store lunch

I had a red bean onigiri (rice patty, often shaped into a ball or triangle), pickled cucumbers in a red pepper sauce with sesame seeds, and a jasmine iced tea.  Don had sushi, and a platter of seaweed-wrapped onigiri, egg, chicken, hot dog and inari zushi (a fried tofu skin cooked in a sweet soy-based sauce…sounds gross, but it’s really delicious. According to wikipedia, it is “named after the Shinto goddess Inari, who was thought to have a fondness for fried tofu”), and a Coke.

Don's lunch platter

Look at how cute that lunch platter is!  I don’t even eat hot dogs, but I still think it’s adorable they carve a little pattern in it (though I have no idea why the outside of the hot dog is such a bright red…)

And for dessert:

Melon bread with two different kinds of melon icing!!

So, in the end, maybe this particular selection was a stark contrast from our healthy-sporty-themed morning of kyudo and does not support my point that convenience store meals can be good for you in Japan. But who can resist green bread?! (Note that this is very different from the chocolate chip melon bread that I love, which is called chocolate chip melon pan, or in its plainer variety, simply melon pan.)  This was basically a not-very-good hoagie roll dyed green, and while the melon icings may have been different in the sense that one was colored orange-ish to look like cantaloupe and the other green to look like honeydew, there was no discernible difference in their flavors.  And yet, combined together, this was fabulous.

Like if bread came in Jolly Rancher flavors.  Slathered in whipped cream.


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