Japanese vending machines

A variety of soy milk choices, including banana on the right

Japan is famous for its vending machines: apparently, you can buy all manner of things in them: full meals, flowers, sake…the list goes on.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen anything too outlandish in a vending machine yet (well, technically I have, but they were XXX-rated, so I won’t be showing photos of them here) – mostly just loads and loads of drinks vending machines.  Looking out from my front deck right now, I can see at least seven vending machines on this block alone.

But the drinks in the vending machines are pretty interesting, at least by US standards.  In Japan, drinks companies are more experimental in their flavors and will often introduce a special flavor for a limited time. And almost all drink vending machines carry a variety of sodas, iced teas in several flavors, and cans of cold coffee.

Here are a few interesting vending machine finds.

Herb & Relax Lemoress...with catnip?!
Green tea latte, from one of the best green tea areas in Japan (I'm not a big fan of the taste, but these bright green lattes are beautiful!)

PS: I intend this topic to be a recurring theme!



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