The next big thing?

As much as I wish this were a post all about enjoying pants Halloween, the Halloween-in-Japan post will have to come later.

The banner says it all.

This is actually about the underwear instead, at a trendy store on Cat Street, one of our favorite streets in Tokyo (and not just because of its nickname), tucked between Shibuya, Harajuka and Omotesando.

It is actually a pretty cool looking storefront & building

A store where you can get your underwear custom designed just for you! Select the brief, the pocket (because no pair of underwear is complete without a pocket) and waistband design…if you can dream it, you can wear it under your clothing, apparently.

The wall of pockets, briefs and waistbands was colorful and lovely

And they will create your dream pair of underwear right on the spot, while you wait:

Tailor right in the store - for when you need your custom underwear right now!

Here is a sample of one of the pocket options:

"Brief & sox" - though it looked like a different word at first.

But the truly exciting part, possibly the next big thing in fashion?

First there were jeggings.

Then there were pajama jeans.

And now, this store brings you….

Underwear jeans!

(Jean-derwear? Under-jeans? Brief jeans? Daisy dukes? I don’t know what the catchy phrase will be yet, but beware…I’m sure these underwear jeans are on the rise!)

Why yes, that is a pucker sewn right into the fabric on the "men's" pair.

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