Definitely Treats

The answer to the question, “Trick or Treat?” is quite clear in Japan:


Since we arrived, I have been amazed by:

  1. The sheer number of Japanese bakeries – we have over 35 in the Atre mall in the Kichijoji train station, and once you exit the station, there are dozens more scattered just within a few blocks
  2. The seasonal offerings and autumnal flavors – maple, chestnut, and kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) are arranged in creative culinary combinations with more permutations than one would have thought possible
  3. The mass of Halloween treats to celebrate the season. Every bakery has at least a few options of Halloween-specific desserts, and no two bakeries seem to offer the same options.  If we had eaten Halloween treats everyday since we arrived, we still would not have sampled all the offerings in Kichijoji alone.

We did restrict ourselves to Halloween treats only in the week leading up to Halloween, and here are some of the highlights:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy Halloween!


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