Kyoto: Covered Shopping Arcades

Matsutake is a very special Japanese mushroom, available only in autumn. This one mushroom is priced at over $12USD; others were even more

Kyoto was wonderful, and with just over 1,300 photos in four days, I have lots to show you!  But I’ll have to do so a little at a time.

When we first arrived in Kyoto, after a tour of the new and very modern JR (Japan Rail) train station, we stashed our bags in a station locker and went out to explore the city.  Our first objective was to find lunch, and Don knew the perfect place: two massive covered-shopping arcades (Don loves covered shopping arcades, and in my two months in Japan, I have certainly learned why), one of which houses hundreds of different food stalls, many with a very particular specialty (fish; tofu; all things pickled; “Kyoto vegetables;” rice crackers, etc..  Apparently when Don took his students here in 2009, one of his first assignments was to send them to these arcades to try a food they’d never eaten before.

I felt more free to be an embarrassing tourist in Kyoto than at home in Kichijoji, so I went crazy with the photos, snapping up all the new- and unusual-to-me sights and foods.  Here are a few.

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