So it turns out I never got back to this blog, as I promised 5 years ago in the last post, “Arigato Kichijoji.” I landed in SF, had to give a paper at the American Academy of Religion conference that weekend, and then real life (i.e., not our Japanese-adventure life) took over immediately and I was inundated with stuff to do.

Which means there are literally THOUSANDS of photos from our Japan 2011 trip to catch you up on.

Which also means that will probably never happen.

However, there have been a few major events since then that I should probably mention:

  • Don and I got engaged. (In Kyoto! I can’t believe I didn’t at least do a blog post about that. But I *did* send out a Powerpoint Presentation to friends and family with photos and stories from the big day. It felt like I needed to share the entire day with everyone (it was a pretty spectacular day touring Ryoanji, Koto-in, and several other famous Kyoto temples before the last one, Shisendo, where Don proposed), but in retrospect a powerpoint presentation was perhaps a bit much to foist on everyone. Sorry, y’all!
    • Of course, as soon as I can access it, I’m going to put it up on this blog. Overkill or not!
  • We got married in the summer of 2012.
  • We had a baby in spring 2013 – our little Aardvark.
  • And now, we are returning to Japan for 3 months of new adventures, discovering Japan-with-kids, and for Don to take 20 college students on a quarter-long study-abroad program. It should be a very different, but very fun experience. And I will try to be better about updating this blog!

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