Away we go!

Here we are hanging out at LAX while waiting for our Korea and Japan adventure to begin. 

We might only fly international from now on – the Tom Bradley International terminal is so much nicer than the rest of LAX! Even in the grad school years when I was flying to Ireland fairly frequently, it was out of terminal 3, not TBIT. Security is way easier (no clothing comes off, no liquids or laptops removed, etc) and the restaurants and lounges are way posher than in 6, 7 or 8, our usual LAX terminals.

And there is a great play area for the kids to get those wiggles, jumps and climbs out before boarding.

Flying Singapore Airlines was a delight as well – pretty good food, complimentary Singapore Slings, and any travel amenity you could think of (I do adore my travel amenities and accessories. Along with foreign grocery and stationery stores, travel-stuff stores are my favorite places to shop/browse. So I was in heaven.) Flying United after this will be tough!

Also tough, however, is jet lag from a 16 hour time difference with a toddler who slept GREAT on the plane and just wants to party (or at least, “make an art file” and eat apples very loudly while leaning over her mother’s ear) in the middle of the night. New family rule: next time we go anywhere with a 5+ hour time difference, we splurge on a 2-room suite with a locking door in between for at least the 1st night.

But all told, Aardvark was a travel champ (it was a long day!) and it was a big transition.

I look forward to seeing what the rest of our adventure brings!


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