Narita – Incheon

Our flight from Tokyo to Seoul went well. Even just the two hour flight – slightly longer than the NC – NJ flight we do a few times a year, and which I consider to be nothing at all, since it is so short compared to our usual cross-country flights – was wonderful. We were served water before we even left the gate, then a delicious Korean meal complete with pickled vegetables and travel size tubes of gochujang sauce (!), and the flight attendant gave Aardvark a puzzle with air travel images and terms in both English and Korean to play with during the flight.


Uncle Sam picked us up at the airport, and Aardvark – who had been up since about 2 am – finally fell asleep in the ride back to their house. Aunt Hye Sook whipped up a fantastic dinner (including two different kinds of kimchi….I have a feeling I’m going to love Korea!) but Arden barely made it through a few bites before asking to go to bed, and then she fell asleep before I even finished getting her in pjs.

We’ve been traveling non-stop for four days, and I think we are ready to relax and have a home base for a few days!

Playing at Narita Airport as we wait for our flight to Seoul.


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