Tidbits on Kit Kats


A friend of ours asked us to pick up some of the famously wacky flavors of Kit Kat available exclusively in Japan, and since she is getting married in two weeks, we figured she could use some immediately to ease any last-minute wedding-prep stress (so here they come, CF!).

There’s purple sweet potato (actually, Japanese purple sweet potatoes are pretty amazing however they are prepared – including as an ice cream flavor; we had some in Kamakura years ago – so let’s hope that remains true even in Kit Kat form, since potato-flavored chocolate doesn’t necessarily immediately conjure sensations of deliciousness*); Hokkaido Melon (okay, one of those packages was for us, as I’ve been eager to try this flavor since I heard about its release a few months ago. I’m not usually into the crazy Kit Kats, preferring the Big Kat versions available in Ireland, but since melon pan – melon bread, basically – is my favorite treat in Japan, I figured melon Kit Kats would be good too. And I was right. Strange, but yummy.); Sakura Matcha, or cherry blossom tea; and the classic Uji Matcha, the green tea flavored Kit Kat that is often held up as an example of the wacky Kit Kat flavors available in Japan.

There were many others, like Wasabi Kit Kat, but we thought this was a good start, especially as we were only in Japan for less than 24 hours.


*Wait, what was I thinking? Chocolate and potato sound great together!


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