Korean Vending Machines

Vending machines in Korea, while not *quite* as ubiquitous  as in Japan (but still way more plentiful than in the US), are proving to be just as amusing and intriguing as Japanese vending machines (and see here too).

However, these machines can bring you confidence and originality.

And that does seem pretty spectacular, especially at about 60 cents each:


Also, I’m a little disturbed that, not having seen any in half a decade, and seeing it now for the first time in Korean, not Japanese, I could recognize a can of the infamous Pocari Sweat from across a train platform!?


(It’s the 4th from the left, top row.)


2 thoughts on “Korean Vending Machines

    1. Ha! I didn’t even notice the bottle – that quite clearly proclaims itself Pocari Sweat – until you mentioned it. Maybe I noticed it subliminally and THAT’s why I could remember it 5 years after last living in Japan? I wonder what the difference is between the bottle and the can. But since the can is all in Korean and I’m not a Pocari Sweat fan, I will likely never learn 🙂

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