My new favorite Korean treat?

I think I’ve found what will be my favorite Korean treat, but it has had a LOT of competition (including “Korean pancake,” a sort of roasted pancake-with-filling very similar to taiyaki in Japan, but shaped like – I kid you not – poop [OK, that seemed to be a theme in this particular shopping complex, more on that later], rather than the fish shape of taiyaki, and filled with melted chocolate rather than red bean paste; roasted chestnuts from a street vendor which is one of my favorite fall treats throughout the world, it turns out; and these thick, sweet waffle cakes that are everywhere).

But I might be in love with “Melon Ice Bars,” a creamy popsicle.


Uncle Sam offered us some and I didn’t expect to be so wowed – I’m not a particularly big fan of popsicles or anything. But this was so creamy and yummy. Apparently I love melon flavor, from Melon Pan to Hokkaido Melon Kit Kats and now this. Which is weird because 1) I’m not a super melon lover usually; often in a fruit salad, those are the bits I ignore (though Don always points out that fresh honeydew is wonderful, and he’s right. I’m just too lazy to cut some, usually); and 2) I do NOT, as a rule, like fruit flavored things. I love grapes – and wine – but hate anything grape flavored. I love oranges – and (fresh) orange juice – but hate anything orange flavored. (After lots of exposure, I’ve come around on the chocolate-orange Revels, the bag of mixed chocolate covered “surprises” in Ireland and the UK, but obviously I’m hoping for pretty much every other flavor surprise first.)

This is just divine, though!



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