Strawberry Farts and Pervy Bavarians (or, Dunkin Donuts in Korea)

Uncle Sam and Aunt Hye Sook treated us to some Dunkin Donuts after lunch the other day, which was very sweet and NOT as typical-American as it seems: I grew up with Dunkin Donuts in NJ, but they are an East Coast thing – not available in CA, so I haven’t had Dunkin Donuts in years. And when I order “Munchkins” in CA, people stare at me as though they have no idea what I’m talking about (probably because they don’t), until Don reminds me I’m looking for “donut holes.”

So I was thrilled. And Uncle Sam and Aunt Hye Sook just got back the week before from three months visiting family in NJ, so they probably needed some Dunkin Donut love too 🙂 (I’ll keep telling myself that.)

Though I love the light, fluffy airiness of glazed donut holes in at SLODoCo or Dolly’s Donuts in CA, the great thing about Munchkins is they come in all donut flavors. So they are like little bite-sized donuts of whatever kind of donut you love.

So we brought a box of Munchkins back.

But like most American chains in foreign countries, Dunkin Donuts is a little different in Korea.

Here are some examples just from the box:


  1. They are a bit more violent, apparently?!
  2. “Chewing Rice” is a donut flavor!img_4252
  3. Strawberry farts?! (Don thinks they might mean Strawberry ‘hearts,’ as there is no real f sound in Korean and h and f are somewhat interchangeable when pronouncing foreign words)
  4.  Corn Hide is ALSO a flavor!? (We also saw it for full size donuts)img_4253
  5. Dude, WHAT is the Bavarian Munchkin looking at?!

2 thoughts on “Strawberry Farts and Pervy Bavarians (or, Dunkin Donuts in Korea)

  1. No, Don, not strawberry heart…look again at the weird citrus-looking strawberry saying it. is farting while saying it…


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