Seoul Sewer Holes

So I love utility hole covers.* I have a huge collection of photos of beautiful, intricate, Celtic-knot-styled ones from Ireland, and Japan has some great ones – as well as great sidewalk and other signs, as well. And now, parenting a toddler, I’ve realized that the covers in our California town have some interesting patterns on them and are great finds for shape/number/pattern scavenger hunts with a 2-3 year old.

So I was thrilled to see Seoul had some interesting covers as well.

I was only able to catch two on camera, but they had at least one more design I found lovely (and then the most frequent ones were fine, but nothing to blog home about).


I get that the second one is supposed to be a flower (I’m pretty sure), but, well….is it just me or do you feel like it could use some editing?

*Incidentally, I looked up more gender-neutral alternatives to “manhole covers,” because I honestly could not come up with a term myself. Wikipedia, ever trustworthy, suggests “alternatively utility hole, cable chamber, maintenance hole, inspection chamber, access chamber, sewer hole, or confined space,” in case you, too, are ever looking for the more politically correct term to manhole.


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