Melon Pan, Seoul-style

Ahh, so happy to find my beloved melon pan in Seoul.


Even if it is a little different.

Technically, melon bread is not actually melon-flavored, it gets its name from its shape. But the green-tinted ones at 7-11s, etc., in Japan have some melon flavoring, and I like to swear that even the ones from fancy bakeries (which obviously have no such food coloring or added fake flavors) have a slight melon flavor – its just subtly sophisticated.

This convenience store version makes no such pretensions to subtlety or sophistication. It is straight up melon colored and flavored, with a layer of melon….goo? and a layer of thick creamy filling inside.

And it was pretty yum, in a straight-up bad-for-you treat kind of way. (As Don said, it did taste better than a Twinkie.)

Whatever. I totally enjoyed it.


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