Melon update

I know, loyal readers, you’ve all been wondering what the status is with melon-flavored food (see here or here if you’re curious!) since returning to Japan.

So here is the update:


Don tried some melon soda our first day here. I could only bring myself to smell it. It smelled disgusting; Don confirmed it tastes similarly. (It tastes a bit like Scotland’s famous Irn-bru, but a little less bubble-gum flavored than that.) So it turns out I do not indiscriminately love ALL melon-flavored things.

Which also means my love for melon pan is real and true.

So imagine how thrilled I was to learn we have an artisanal melon pan stall just a few blocks from our apartment!


Here is Don, sweetly buying me a melon pan AND carrying Aardvark in the carrier one rainy day last week because my knee needed a break. And the other night he had to run out for stain remover (the downside to not speaking sufficient Japanese is I can’t buy groceries or toiletries for the first time on my own, because I have no idea if I’m guessing correctly based on the illustration. In 2011 I washed my hair with body lotion before learning I guessed incorrectly at what was the Japanese version of an otherwise familiar brand/product I’d so confidently and proudly bought by myself. Being incapable of shopping by myself makes me feel more dependent that I am usually comfortable with, but when it’s late at night & raining and someone has to run to the convenience store, I’m cool with not being able to volunteer 😉 ) and while he was running errands he picked me up the maple version. Such a fantastic spouse!

They basically just sell three different flavors of melon pan. Two of which are delicious, the third of which I have yet to try. But I will!



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