Push Hour

Wow, even though of course I remembered that Tokyo subways & trains are notoriously busy & crazy, and I’d been nervous about taking Aardvark on them, I’d forgotten what it actually feels like to be shoved into a car and then pushed along by the throng of people trying to get in. Busy stations actually have employees whose job is to push people into the cars to fit as many people on as possible.

Heading to Shibuya at rush hour on Friday to join Don’s class while he took them on a walking tour of the neighborhood brought it all back. (And last week was a Silver Week – a week with two major holidays – Respect for the Aged on Monday and First Day of Fall on Thursday – so many people had just taken the whole week off. Don said it was way worse Monday morning).

But Aardvark took it all in stride. I had her in the carrier, and I felt her squirm around, and low and behold, she’d wiggled herself out of the carrier enough to grab onto one of the straps herself!


(PS selfies on crowded, moving subways are not easy! Or flattering, apparently)


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