Flower Art

We do love our Shibuya art installations...

and 2016 is proving to have some fun ones too.

(Well, technically this was in a gallery on the Omotesando, which I think of as being between Shibuya and Harajuku, but which current tourist maps claim is part of the “OmotoHara” neighborhood, so I guess it’s more Harajuku than Shibuya. But you don’t really care about the technical details, right?! Onto the photo!)

Escaping the heat and crazy weekend crowds on the Omotesando, we slipped into an air conditioned building (that I think of as “the one with the MoMA store,” but I’m sure has a more official title) and came across a billowing black curtain blocking a doorway. We decided to check it out, and behind the black curtain was…

another black curtain, creating a sort of vestibule, which led into…

an all black room with no lights on, and about 10-15 people, swaying slowly and waving their arms while wearing white fabric draped over their arms, or heads or torsos.

It was a bit odd (and that description makes it sound way more cult-y than it seemed, even from the start, so don’t worry!), but also apparent we’d wandered into some gallery.

From the ceiling, little pin points of light shone down, and then grew and expanded over the white sheets, shining flowers on everyone.


It was not as much fun as the mylar balloon exhibit from 2011, but Aardvark loved darting around (not actually a good idea in a dark room full of grown-up strangers way taller than she is) and the gallery led out to another room with great views over the Omotesando.




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