Cat Cafe

I have no words.

I have too many heartbroken words; too many apologies to those whose lives are less stable, less safe, now.

So instead, I am going to give you pictures of cats to distract you from the hate that won out today, and hope that in time, empathy and compassion – and maybe cute cuddly cats and kids – will replace that fear and hatred.

Plus, I just can’t process anything right now.

My sister gifted Don a trip to a cat cafe for his birthday – obviously a perfect gift. There are many (many!) cat cafes in Tokyo (and all over Japan) but it turns out the little one near us in Takadanobaba is actually a very well reviewed one. It is small and un-spectacular looking, but they take good care of the cats and the cats are known for  enjoying being around people – both things Don looks for in cat cafes.

[Fun side note: when we were in Japan in 2011 a “rabbit cafe” opened up on Cat Street near the Omotesando in Tokyo. Sounded adorable! Terrible idea in reality. Cats are well trained with litter boxes, which are kept hidden away in cat cafes. Bunnies poop everywhere, and having to sit on the floor and drink tea with poop all around you is NOT adorable! We noted it is no longer open.]

[Fun side note #2: This year, owl cafes – or even more puzzling, cat/owl combo cafes – are all the rage. We will obviously have to try one. Will keep you all posted.]

Anyway, back to the Takadanobaba cats.

These cats did seem pretty happy.

They had great views of the city down below:

They also love cuddling up with humans. If you sit on one of the floor chairs, staff would bring you a blanket and the cats would crawl under your leg/blanket tent and fall asleep!

Aardvark took this picture of folks just chilling, reading manga they have on the shelves and letting cats snooze.

This little cat is hiding under Don’s legs. Again, photo credit to Aardvark.

Aardvark took this photo. And like, 200 others with our heads cut off. But still, she’s getting way better at aiming.

Thanks, Aunt E!

Alright, it’s been a long day with lots of travel and even a little snow (we’ve gone from western islands to northern mountains over the last two days), so I am off to bed.

Peace be with you, all.


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