Skyline: Omotesando Starbucks

OK, Tokyo does not actually have a very impressive skyline, though this recent series of posts would lead you to believe otherwise (well, the FACT of a series of posts might lead you to believe otherwise. The actual photos totally confirm the point that there is not that much to the skyline that inspires.)

But that does not keep me from obsessively photographing it, apparently.

Here are some views from one of my favorite places-to-go-the-rare-times-I-get-to-be-out-by-myself, and which I am ashamed to admit is a Starbucks. But it is a rooftop Starbucks (rooftop gardens are all the rage in Tokyo. No joke, there’s an intentional and pretty cool environmental, architectural and cultural push to incorporate useful rooftops here) in a fun area of the city and it’s actually a great place to go and write for a few hours – many a post from this blog was born at this rooftop Starbucks. I am VERY picky when it comes to places to work or write. Poor lighting, ambience, etc. can turn me off a place for working (some of you – college and grad school roommates in particular! – might point out that I am a severe procrastinator and these location excuses do indeed feed that, I know, I know. But still.)

Plus, ever since Starbucks stopped taunting me with Lavender Earl Grey (every Starbucks in Tokyo had it listed on their menu when we first got here. And every time we ordered it, literally from our first day back from Korea, killing time in Narita Airport before we could check into our apartment until the day they took it off their menu, every time I ordered it, it would be sold out) and replaced their menu with an ENTIRE tea selection from Teavana teas, I have been in heaven. There are loads of delicious things I can order from Starbucks now! (Did US Starbucks expand their tea selections too? Will I still be able to get a yuzu tea in CA?! Are there frothy, foamy tea frappacinos in US Starbucks?! Or should I drink up now? Emily, Kathy, I’m sure you know the answers to these questions….?!)

Anyway, here are some of the views from my favorite (and everyone in Japan’s favorite) Starbucks.


The Starbucks rooftop garden, in case you were wondering about that too:


And, because it’s in the same department store as the Omohara Starbucks, I give you: an ENTIRE shop dedicated to face masks. They are all over Japan, as well as Korea:


Don’t be fooled by the cute lanterns. The lanterns just show some of the styles of face mask you can buy here. All they actually sell is face masks.



2 thoughts on “Skyline: Omotesando Starbucks

  1. Omg first: touched I got a shoutout on the blog, second: I’m drooling thinking about yuzu tea! That’s a big NOPE as to it being over here! Drink up!

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