Animal Crackers

Animal crackers in Japan are no joke. Check out these aquarium themed ones:

First, the box is adorable! Of course, this being Japan, the cookies are also wrapped in fa foil bag to maintain freshness (I’m actually surprised they are not individually wrapped, and I’m only being half facetious. Even bananas come individually wrapped in cellophane). This means the inside of the box is clean and ready for more fun like coloring.

But these double as serious learning tools too!

Look at how many different kinds animals you might find in the box. It’s not just “fish,” or “seashell,” there are at least seven different types of specific fish and three kinds of mollusk.
They have a chart so you can check which ones you get. It’s actually quite handy – no more trying to guess whether it’s a blobby gorilla or giraffe! 
Ooh look! The first one I pulled out was a Pacific Sunfish, my new fish obsession, thanks to Japanese aquariums! 

Or a head fish, as it is known on this box. Actually quite a fitting name…

Also, they taste like Thin Mints.

Melon pan, you might have competition for favorite sweet snack!


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