More Views of Fuji from the Shinkansen

We are en route to Hiroshima right now (and then Nagasaki this evening; it will be my first time on the Japanese island of Kyushu).

Here are some views of Fujisan from our Shinkansen this morning:

Granted, taking pictures from the window of a very fast moving high speed train does not result in the best photos, but the view was amazing. It is always breathtaking to see Mt. Fuji from any perspective. (Much more so than can be captured in the photos. It also appeared much closer/bigger in real life, darn iPhone lens)

There was much more snow this time than when we traveled past it two weeks ago. And when we left Tokyo, it was raining and foggy, but by the time we’d moved through Yokohama, the sun was emerging, so we got to see Fujisan shrouded in mist, then shedding that mist for beautiful clear blue skies, all in the span of about twenty minutes.

(These photos appear in reverse, still don’t know why my phone app has started doing that)

[Just a quick note: we did indeed feel the 7.something earthquake in Fukushima this morning. We are good. It happened around 6 am; I was in Aardvark’s room waking her up to leave for the train station and the building shook for almost five full minutes. It wasn’t bad in Tokyo, but that’s the longest earthquake I’ve experienced, and the length – and being able to see the swaying, not just feel it – was a little scary to me, I’ll be honest. There was a 5-something one yesterday too. Here’s hoping that’s it and everyone stays safe!]


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