Naoshima: Bubbles

Back to Naoshima, the teeny island in the Seto Inland Sea renowned for its contemporary art scene.

Here is the bubble installation at the other port on the island, Honmura Port (as opposed to the main port, with the red pumpkin and bunraku puppet and floaty wire cage sculptures, and where all the ferries arrive and depart.) This port is so small I don’t even know where people actually board the boats, but maybe this sculpture, which otherwise feels a bit in-the-middle-of-the-street, will make this port a thing.

Because the bubbles are a lot of fun!

The port

The bubbles

From the inside looking out: Aardvark took this photo of me…

…then she joined me outside.

Inside was pretty fun too.

It also had some great reverberating echoes if you stood in some very precise spots.

In the inner chamber. This part I didn’t quite get: it seemed part random bus stop, part possible commentary on observing the art/being observed or being the art (or whatever. You get the gist: it looks a little like one is on display when one is sitting in here.)

But it also felt a little janky/unfinished.

But there was also a security guard for this part?!

Anyway, back outside for pics.

Everybody loves bubbles!


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