Harry Potter! Er, Fantastic Beasts or whatever

You guys!

Look what I am about to see!

I am like an eager, excited three year old right now. I love going to movies; I extra love seeing movies in foreign countries, and yes, I still love all things Harry Potter and am counting down until Aardvark is old enough to read the books with me. (And I have been since I was pregnant. One thing I noticed about every house we looked at while house hunting was whether or not it had a cupboard under the stairs. That wasn’t make-it-or-break-it, but I will point out the only homes we made offers on did have one.)

Going to movies by myself is always a restorative break for me. This started in college: I went to school in DC and between college roommates and living in a major city, if I needed some alone time, a movie theater was where I found it.

Now, when I travel for long periods of time, right around 6 weeks away, I start to get homesick and ache to go to a movie. An American movie always gets me through it and I’m usually all better by the end (weirdly we’ve been here over two months now and I haven’t felt homesick at all! But the last time we were here I couldn’t find any English, dubbed  or sub titled movies, and I needed one.)

Also, it’s just fun to see how other countries do movies. Intermissions and ice cream in Italy and Switzerland; alco-pops and real food in Ireland way before that was a thing in the US…

So what does a Japanese movie offer?

Sweet potato popcorn?!

It’s…not bad? It tastes like a caramel apple, actually. Yeah, actually it’s pretty good! (These are live tasting notes)

Another difference? It’s opening night, I got here 20 minutes early – and there was no line! (By the time they let us in, there was a line of maybe 15 people.) I know it’s not Harry Potter properly, but the last time I saw a Harry Potter movie on opening night it was crazy and I waited at least a few days after the opening to see the rest of the movies.

Here are some photos of a Harry Potter exhibit at a mall in Kichijoji, just because it fits the theme. 7-11 is also running a big Harry Potter tie in raffle thing. Love seeing it everywhere!

Yes I know I’m a dork.

I’m totally okay with it!

(Okay, movie starting!!!! Thanks Don for making this possible by taking on solo duty for the bedtime routine solo – in a hotel room no less!)


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