Naoshima: Art at the Port

Whoops, I referenced Naoshima’s main harbor in a recent post and it turns out I hadn’t actually told you about it yet, dear and hopefully patient readers. (Sorry – am without my laptop while traveling and blogging from my phone app means I can’t really look stuff up, link to previous blog posts, etc. Plus the hundreds of typos due to the very aggressive (and often inaccurate) auto correct feature. Will try to fix the posts when I return the land of my laptop!)
Anyway, visitors to Naoshima, the teeny island in the Inland Sea, are immediately greeted with famous contemporary art upon disembarking at the main port.
There is the iconic red pumpkin from a previous post, which is one of the first things one sees from the ferry:

There is also this elephant, which is apparently inspired by Bunraku, a type of Traditional Japanese puppet theater.

And then this fun metal mesh structure, which is apparently supposed to represent the last (imaginary) island in the chain of islands that make up Naoshima.

I’m not sure I grasp the concept entirely, but it certainly was fun to play in.


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