Based on many of the other blogs I see, I suppose I should put something terribly witty, clever, sly and just-the-right-amount of coy in this section.  But I’m too lazy & busy to come up with that, so here are some basics off the top of my head:

I’m a professor of Religious Studies and Gender Studies at a University To Remain Unnamed (to protect the innocent, of course), but this fall I have the quarter off to get my research and writing done.  And what better place to do that than Japan?

Having never been to Japan, and knowing only hiragana and katakana – but not actually knowing what words in those characters mean! – this is all a brand new adventure for me.  I’m loving it so far, and am happy to share my experiences.

2016 Edits:

We’re back! But with some major changes: Don and I are now married, and have a little one, Aardvark. I’m home with Aardvark while Don is leading a study-abroad program in Tokyo for fall quarter. I now speak enough Japanese to initiate conversations and ask questions in Japanese – and then stare blankly when the person actually responds to me in Japanese.


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